First things first: Please change your UO-Projects passwords for your webspace managing and e-mail accounts!


  1. Login to
  2. On the left menue is a link called "Change password": Hit it!
  3. Think about a secure password. Tip: Use ...
    1. ... eight or more characters
    2. ... upper and lower case letters
    3. ... numbers
    4. ... special characters
  4. Type in the old password and the new password and activate the "Change for stats, too"  check box.
  5. Click the "Change password" button.
  6. Ready :)


At the beginning of the week a security bug in OpenSSL was announced. It's called SSL Heartbleed. Because OpenSSL is one of the most used security toolkits, half of the internet servers were affected. Even the ones from big serviceproviders like Yahoo or Adobe.

UO-Projects was also affected by this bug. We patched the server on the day the fix was available. But because of the type of bug, we can't guarantee that nobody tracked usernames and passwords of your webspace or e-mail accounts in the past.

Just for clarification: Accounts like your own forum accounts or CMS accounts are safe (as far as unencrypted data sent over the internet can be safe). So everything you installed by yourself on the webspace is not affected.

Only the accounts for managing your webspace or e-mail via are affected.

So for your own security: Please change your password like described above.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me.