Who is the Owner?

It's me ;) Steffen, known in the UO-community as Sirius or SiriusDE.

Who am I?

In reallife I'm 33 years old. I'm working as an IT-Administrator since more than 10 years (+ 3 years apprenticeship as IT). My knowledge ranges from linux and novell up to windows-systems (no macs ... sorry...). I'm doing all the typical IT stuff, like setting up and administrate (virtual-)servers and virtual-hosts, supporting employees (helpdesk), setting up all the active network components like switches, routers, firewalls etc., adding structured cabling and more such wired things.

I'm an enthusiastic UO fan. My first contact with UO was on eastern 2001 as a player on a freeshard. Since the end of 2001 I'm also a freeshard-staffmember and since several years a shardadmin.

I'm moderator at UOWorld and since spring 2013 I'm working with Overkiller and Eri on the new UODev.

UO-Projects is a project I have for several years now but I did not promote, because for lack of time. Real promotion I started firstly at the beginning of November 2013.

Ok, that's for now to my person. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact me :)


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