The webspace I provide has the following features:

  • Cronjobs
  • Webspace as much as you need (ok, there is a limit, but that depends on what you need and what's within the scope)
  • Customizable error pages
  • WebFTP
  • Backups
  • MySQL databases
  • PHP5 with suPHP for more security
  • free UO-Projects subdomain (
  • Unlimited own Subsubdomains (
  • Individual webserver settings (httpd special) for longer script runtime, bigger HTTP-Uploads etc.
  • E-mail: 20 e-mail addresses (more if needed), forwarding, own user- and address administration, webmailer
  • Easy to use webinterface for administering your webspace

If your webspace is on my server and you already own a domain you are able to set theirs DNS entries, I can also make your domain available on your webspace.

More services are available on demand.

How to get it

1. Read my Terms of use (don't worry, it's not much)

2. Contact me and describe your project and what you need. If you need some technical guidance, I'm on hand with help and advice for you.


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