Please remember: All services on this site are offered by a private person and for this are not commercial. So these terms of use are not covered by the law, but they are created on my discretionary power.

These are my terms of use:


  1. Your site contains no criminal content like drugs, illegal weapons or malicious software (malware).
  2. Please understand that freeshards can use the free webspace only ...
    ... while they are in development,
    ... if their shard is offline or
    ... as an interim solution in emergencies.
    The subdomains are not effected by this rule, you can use them as long as your shards website is online.
    Of course I ensure that the way from development to "going live" is as smooth as possible if you change your webspace. For more details, just contact me.

If your website is located on my server

  1. In the case of your inactivity or if you are not reachable for a long time and your site is not maintained by someone, I'm allowed to archive your website (that means make it available forever with different techniques)
  2. In the improbable case I have to shut down my server and you are inactive or not reachable for several weeks (and ONLY in this case), I'm allowed to make an archive of your website to make it downloadable on different UO-portals

If you are just using a Subdomain of

  1. The subdomains entry point has to be the Ultima Online part of your site

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